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CD Artwork | Blue Beach Song Collection: TWO


CD/MP3 Cover Art

CD Booklet (Outside) Art

CD Booklet (Inside) Art

CD Tray Card (Back) Art

So, I finished my second album and here is the CD artwork. You will note that the design is basically the same as the first, purposely so, to visually give a cohesive look to the Blue Beach Song Collection. The collection’s purpose is to document and collect the songs I have written over the decades.

The recordings are simple, acoustic, one-takes, just like in the first album. There is a lot I have yet to learn about sound recording or sound engineering or singing, for that matter. But I have never considered myself a singer, I just write songs.

As I shared the artwork for the first CD album, I share the artwork for the second. Let me know what you think. Your feedback and comments are always welcomed and appreciated.

Wishing you all the best,

Available at Amazon:
Blue Beach Song Collection: TWO | Songs of My Life by Martie Hevia

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Carmel Sunset Couple Print Photography by Martie Hevia

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