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Frightened Bird by Martie Hevia

Our story always ends
with the same ending
(Back Vocals: Ending)
We go through the motions
and end up pretending.
(Back Vocals: Pretending)
You fly away like a frightened bird
When it’s overcome by a shadow…
Not really threatened, but never certain…
And never willing to take that chance.
I’m always searching
for someone who’s not lost.
I used to believe that someone was you.
Now I know that someone is me…
(Back Vocals: It’s me)
That someone is me.
(Back Vocals: It’s me)
So, look at me,
Look at me now.
(Back Vocals: Look at me now)
Tell me what you see
and I’ll explain how…
You are teaching me to walk away…
(Back Vocals: Walk away)
To walk away and cast you aside…
(Back Vocals: Aside)
Cast you away back in time…
The way you like to do to me,
The way you so often do to me.

Martie Hevia (c) All Rights Reserved

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