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In the Memories We Sigh by Martie Hevia

Moments, memories, photographs
Sometimes just the sound of a laugh
Hugs and kisses or the shaking of a hand
Smiles and stares or footprints in the sand
Long after the rain
Something in the air remains
Long after we’re gone
Our echoes go on
Long after they die
They live on in the tears we cry…
in the memories we sigh…
in the words of this lullaby.
Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Vic,
Uncle Bill, Therese, Mike, Chad and Steve
People come and people will leave
Some give more than they receive
[Go to Chorus]
Nelson, Pedro – We fought a good fight
Susan loved kids with all her might
Alinas, senior/junior, soul sisters we are
As the night sky makes room for more stars
[Go to Chorus]
Aino, I know you hung onto life
A great mother and a great wife
Sweet Edgar taken so suddenly
I know in heaven you’ll both be
[Go to Chorus]
Bob you left unexpectedly
An exemplary man all could see
Nana you lived a long rich life
Jim you valiantly fought the pain and strife
[Go to Chorus]

In The Memories We Sigh | Martie Hevia (c) All Rights Reserved

(Available at Amazon)

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