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It’s Lonely Out There by Martie Hevia

I know…
(Back Vocals: I know)
It’s lonely out there.
Yes, I know it’s a scary world.
(Back Vocals: Yes, I know it)
But I know
(Back Vocals: I know)
It’s so much better
(Back Vocals: So much better)
Knowing we’re together…
Out there.
(Last Time Add:
Knowing we’re together,
For each other,
Out there)
The snow can be so beautiful
And yet so harsh and cold.
Just like love can be so tender
And then break your heart and soul.
The ocean lures and calls you to her
And then she swallows you whole.
Just like life is an adventure
That ends too soon for us all. (But)
[Go to Chorus]
Walking through the redwood grove (And)
Picking up a pine cone.
Searching through the misty fog (And)
Looking for the sun.
Combing through an empty beach
For memories never made.
Hiking up a coastal mountain
I’m no longer agraid. (‘Cause)
[Go to Chorus]

Martie Hevia (c) All Rights Reserved

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