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Just A Little More Grace by Martie Hevia

Original & Alternate Versions:

He stands between us
even though he’s gone.
(Back Vocals: Yes, he is gone.)
He stands between us
even though he never loved me.
(Back Vocals: He never did)
He stands between us
and in my heart
and in my soul.
He stands between us
because I just can’t let him go.
(Back Vocals: Just let him go.)

I see his eyes in my dreams
I hear his voice in the wind
I feel his touch
as the tears roll down my face.
Oh, God will you please grant me
Just a little more,
Just a little more grace…
(Back Vocals: Just a little more grace.)
Just a little more grace.

I can’t escape him
in the middle of the day.
(Back Vocals: Just turn away.)
His words echo
in what the older children say.
I try to turn, and hide,
and look the other way
(Back Vocals: Just turn away.)
Only to find him crossing my path,
or coming my way.
(Back Vocals: Turn away.)

[Go to Chorus]

Do you have the time…
to give me the space?
(Back Vocals: I need the space.)
Do you have directions…
to lead me out of this maze?
Do you have the strength…
to give a soft embrace?
To a girl who sits
at a baseball field
and prays.
(Back Vocals: And prays and prays.)

[Go to Chorus]

Just A Little More Grace | Martie Hevia (c) All Rights Reserved

(Available at Amazon)

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