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Let Me Fall (Turtle Shell) by Martie Hevia

I gave you my heart.
You gave it back.
You don’t want me to love you, Or
To write you any more songs.
It makes you feel uncomfortable, So
I will honor your request. I will just
Turn around and walk away… so long.
I’ve lost my balance yet again…
Just let me fall… out of love.
Turtle shell on the beach,
Waves crashing on the misty shore. And
Night is falling, fog is creeping.
The cold wind cuts you to the core.
But the turtle’s safe inside her shell —
A little rattled, a little scared.
Although its lonely on the inside,
It only hurts when she’s in love.
She’s lost her balance yet again…
Just let her fall… out of love.
I’ll put away my heart.
I won’t bother you with such
Childish things like love.
I won’t write you any more songs,
But I cannot play your grown-up game.
So, I will turn around and walk away, and
You can just let me fall… out of love.
Watch me walk away and fall
Out of love.
How can you watch me fall
Out of love?

Martie Hevia (c) All Rights Reserved

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