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Little Pieces Of You by Martie Hevia

I leave pieces of you
Behind me each day.
Each day,
I let go of another little piece.
And it feels good.
Oh, yes, it feels so good.
To be free of you.
Freedom tastes so good.
And it fits me well.
So well that I can tell…
I’m not going back.
You are so history Jack,
That you can climb that hill,
With your fickle little Jill.
But when you fall down,
And you break your crown…
Don’t crawl back to me,
‘Cause I will be free… of you.
You don’t call and you don’t write.
You play games, but that’s alright.
I’m not playin’. Hear what I’m sayin’?
No more believin’, No more dreamin’,
No more trustin’, No more givin’,
No more wastin’ my life,
My love, my time…
On such a hollow,
Fake chocolate valentine.
You are so history Jack.
You can take that
Worn down road back…
To your little boy blue act.
That won’t play here no more…
No more.
No more.

Martie Hevia (c) All Rights Reserved

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