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Oh, Well by Martie Hevia

I think too much, so I talk too much.
I care too much, so I worry too much.
I love too much, so it hurts too much.
But I mean well. I mean well.
You look at me, so I look at you.
I wonder what we are going to do
With all these feelings between me and you.
Hope it all goes well, goes well.
You smile at me and I run away.
I don’t speak to you, there’s too much to say.
Yet, fate throws us in each other’s way.
We don’t do this well, no, not well.
Get out of my head. Walk out of my dreams.
Your words don’t say just what you mean.
Your actions are never what they seem.
Thought you loved me, but, oh, well.
Oh, well.
Oh, well.
Oh, well.

Martie Hevia (c) All Rights Reserved

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