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Shattered Rose-Colored Glasses by Martie Hevia

You user, confuser, a two-timing loser
In two you break me, you break her.
You heartless heart-breaker,
A cheater, a lier,
A killer of dreams, a player.
A snake in the grass
A cover-your-ass type of guy.
Rose-colored glasses are dangerous things
(Back Vocals: Very dangerous)
Ignorant bliss doesn’t exist
The pain only builds and it builds
and it builds.
A mirror, a window, crescendo, explosion,
Shock and confusion – it’s finally over.
It’s over, it’s over, it’s finally over…
Five years later and it’s finally over.
But the pain is still there – everywhere…
(Back Vocals: Everywhere)
In darkness, in silence,
In my head, in my dreams.
The pain is the only memory of you
That remains.
(Back Vocals: That remains)
The pain is all that remains.

Shattered Rose-Colored Glasses | Martie Hevia (c) All Rights Reserved

(Available at Amazon)

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