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Synchronicity by Martie Hevia

Paths in life sometimes run parallel.
And paths in life sometimes
diverge in wood.
And sometimes paths merge
just as they should.
It’s called synchronicity.
And it’s calling me to you.
Your name echoed from every child.
Crossing paths, engaging smiles.
Sunshades off, your beautiful blue eyes.
My face a-blush — hello, good-bye.
Crossroads and intersections.
The signs all point in your direction.
My heart beats faster, my face turns red.
The words get trapped inside my head.
When your eyes meet mine I cannot speak.
My insides tremble, my knees get weak.
Dreams of you invade my sleep.
I’m falling fast. I’m falling deep.
Catch me, I’m falling deep.
Catch me, I’m falling deep.

Martie Hevia (c) All Rights Reserved

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