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You Sacrifice Your Heart by Martie Hevia

You lie to protect your honor.
But where is the honor in lying?
You hide things because
You’re too proud, perhaps?
Are you proud of leading two lives?
One private, one public,
One real, one false.
You hide from your feelings.
You run from the truth.
You must maintain your image, you say.
So you sacrifice your heart.
You sacrifice your soul.
You sacrifice it all.
Does it help you feel powerful —
To pull the wings from this butterfly?
Does it make you a bigger man —
To make someone else feel small?
You didn’t want what I could offer you.
I guess my friendship wasn’t good enough.
Why must it be everything now
Or nothing at all?
Why do you sacrifice your heart?
Why do you sacrifice your soul?
Why do you sacrifice it at all?

Martie Hevia (c) All Rights Reserved

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