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Brave For You by Martie Hevia

We stare, we talk, we laugh, we smile.
And all the while we wonder how
We’ll stay together.
We touch, we hug, we kiss, we sigh
And wonder why things got so complicated.
We scratch our minds and shake our heads
We tap our feet impatiently
Waiting for the answers…
But they don’t come.
Go with the flow or blow it off?
How will we know which way to go,
Which way is safer?
We hope, we dream, and fate we dare
By saying where she should
Attempt to take us.
We bare our souls, we cry our hearts
We kid ourselves that we control
Our lives, Our future.
We kid ourselves that we control…
Anything at all…
Anything at all.
You look at me; I look at you.
I wonder why your eyes so blue
Have the power to melt me.
You smile at me; My heart smiles back.
What’s that you say? You want to stay…
If only for awhile?
I want to run; I want to hide;
But come to me, sit by my side
Hold my hand and I’ll be brave for you.
Are you scared too?
Well, I’ll be brave for you.

Brave For You | Martie Hevia (c) All Rights Reserved

(Available at Amazon)

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