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Sleep-Away Days by Martie Hevia

Your paintings hang on my walls,
they’re all that’s left of you.
Your paintings and me
were all you left behind.
You never did look back; and
when you walked away,
you forgot to say good-bye… good-bye.
Empty moments and broken promises,
endless sighs.
Timeless dreams of lonely ghosts
running away from their past.
A dried basket of memories
lays in a corner of this room.
“An exercise in trust,” you said,
but you never came home.
So if you want me now…
(Back Vocals: If you want me.)
Make me believe again
(Back Vocals: Make me believe.)
Show me how to trust your eyes
‘Cause I won’t sleep away another day,
Believing… believing your lies.
(Last Time End: Your Lies)
You left letters and photographs,
and storybook words, songs, and rhymes.
Dried flowers and wine corks
and movie ticket stubs…
Ripped pieces of a marriage license
held by yellowing tape…
I gave you my heart, my soul, my trust
And you took them all away.
(Back Vocals: Away)
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Sleep-Away Days | Martie Hevia (c) All Rights Reserved

(Available at Amazon)

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