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Something Left Behind by Martie Hevia

Days turned into weeks
And weeks to months
Months turned into so many years
Memories begin to fade
And ebb the tears…
The tears
The tears of oceans
Between you and the past
(Back Vocals: So long ago)
Are crossed by bridges of memories
And you realize though nothing lasts
You always find something left behind
(Back Vocals: Something left behind)
Left behind, left behind
Memories flash
With a song on the radio
A face in the crowd or a car on the road
The changing of seasons
Or something in the air
And he’s there, he’s there
He’s there one day across a crowded room
(Back Vocals: A crowded room)
Or across a lonely grassy field
You stare wondering if the moment’s real
As time and distance disappear
(Back Vocals: Distance disappears)
Disappear, disappear

Martie Hevia (c) All Rights Reserved

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