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With A Sigh by Martie Hevia

I guess that I should say good-bye.
I guess I shouldn’t ask you why.
‘Cause I couldn’t stand to hear you say
that you never loved me anyway.
And I could not bear to see
you turn away from me.
So I’ll leave.
I will go.
But first,
I think that you should know:
that love is not a game
about winning or taking.
It’s a gift I gave to you
believing and trusting in you
hoping one day you’d want me
hoping one day you’d need me
hoping one day you’d love me…
the way I love you.
But ‘one day’ never came.
Nothing changed;
all’s the same.
So, here we are my friend.
Looking at each other,
facing the end.
I hear time waiting for me.
So, turn away and I will go…
With a sigh.

With A Sigh | Martie Hevia (c) All Rights Reserved

(Available at Amazon)

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