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I Don’t Know Love by Martie Hevia

You pull me close and run away.
You kiss me like a man in love.
“It’s all for fun; it’s all a game.”
You try to say.
“Don’t get confused;
Don’t get too close.
This isn’t love.”
Well, then, I don’t know love.
Making deals with God.
Trying to find answers in clouds.
Echoes of a fortune teller,
Who made some lucky guess.
“What’s in a name?” Shakespeare wrote.
A lot when it’s a clue —
A breadcrumb on a path to you.
When you look at me do you see a child?
Sometimes polished and sometimes too wild?
Too naïve, too vulnerable,
too easily beguiled?
Whatever you see,
It’s not your style.
You want me to kiss you…
But feel nothing for you.
“Keep it casual and make it meaningless.”
If white is black and love is wrong,
Then I don’t belong here.
‘Cause I don’t know love.
(No, no…)

Martie Hevia (c) All Rights Reserved

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