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The Corner Sidewalk Café by Martie Hevia

Song Backstory | The Corner Sidewalk Café

Early in the morning,
Walking to the corner café.
(Back Vocals: My café)
The fog rolled down the hill
From the San Francisco Bay…
Coloring my world in shades of gray…
(Back Vocals: So gray)
Covering the years of tears and pain.
(Back Vocals: Too much pain)
Wish it would just rain.
(Back Vocals: Let it rain)
How I wish it would rain.
A hot cappuccino,
(Back Vocals: So hot)
Sprinkled with cinnamon, kisses my lips.
As the steam rises to my face,
Come flashes of moments I miss.
Artists and poets, authors and scholars,
Lovers and broken-hearteds.
Sitting alone or in pairs,
(Back Vocals: In pairs)
Falling deep into thoughts or prayers.
(Back Vocals: Desperate prayers)
Nothing in common,
but souls drawn to the corner sidewalk café.
(Back Vocals: My café)
Go by to see the new art
(Back Vocals: Your art)
Hanging on the walls so gray.
(Back Vocals: Dirty gray)
Or see new people stopping by
Or strolling by the sidewalk café.
(Back Vocals: Strolling by)
To join the endless symphony
Of voices and café noises…
To add to the cacophony
Of cups meeting saucers
Studying faces,
Guessing at their histories.
Casually eavesdropping
(Back Vocals: Reluctantly)
On nearby conversations.
Feeling myself sink…
(Back Vocals: Sink-ing)
Into deep thoughts and memories.
(Back Vocals: Sad memories)
Beyond the window,
The fog gives way to the late morning sun.
(Back Vocals: That warm sun)
The colors are returning.
The memories are receding;
now almost gone.
(Back Vocals: Almost gone)
As I watch the world
From the bottom of this hill.
It is another beautiful
San Francisco day.
Outside the cocoon
of the corner sidewalk café.
(Back Vocals: My café)
And yet how I wish
(Back Vocals: I wish)
It would rain…
(Back Vocals: Let it rain)
Oh, I wish it would rain.
(Back Vocals: Let it rain)

The Corner Sidewalk Café | Martie Hevia (c) All Rights Reserved

(Available at Amazon)

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