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No Ring On Your Finger by Martie Hevia

I saw you today
And I noticed
No ring on your finger.
This action spoke louder
Than all your words could ever say.
And this gesture
Whispered to me
That we are finally over.
As my smile veiled a heart
Smothering in unbearable pain.
I spoke to my ocean.
I yelled to my mountains.
I prayed to my sky.
I asked them the question I ask myself,
“Why do I die when you say good-bye?”
But I heard no answers,
Only a still silence as they too cried.
I knew then my world
Had forever filled
With your absence…
So I closed my eyes.
I sat on the edge of my mountain,
Listening to my ocean,
Looking at my sky.
I patiently sat there
With thoughts of you,
As my soul quietly waited to die.
With this ring I thee wed
Such a long time ago.
And with this ring
I say good-bye
To you

No Ring On Your Finger | Martie Hevia (c) All Rights Reserved

(Available at Amazon)

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